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Do you want an overview on Nexus' ID06 services, news and prices? Go to Nexus' ID06 website.>>

Once you have registered yourself and your company with ID06, you will receive login details to the
Nexus ID06 order portal, where you order ID06 cards for your employees.

When you log in to the order portal it looks like this. To get back to this homepage,
click on ID06 Order portal in the upper left or on the symbol .

The choices are:

New card

Handle cardsOrder historyHandle invitationsChange company
Click here to start ordering a ID06 card.Click here to see statuses of all ordered cards. You can, for example, cancel an order, approve pictures or block a card.Click here to see all your orders and what they contain.

Click here to invite a cardholder to enter personal data for their ID06 card. 

Here you can choose company if you have registered several companies.

You will also find all the choices in a menu to the right on the homepage: