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       Administrator tasks:

        Cardholder tasks:

This article is for you who DO NOT have Swedish BankID. Once your company has ordered an ID06 card for you, you as the cardholder must approve the order before the card can be produced.

It is important that the personal information in the ID06 card order matches the information in your passport or ID card that you use for identification, otherwise the ID06 card will not be produced.

Do the following:

You should have received an email stating that your ID06 card has been ordered.

  1. If you have not already done so, you must first personally identify yourself with a passport or national ID card at Sistec and then create an account in the ID06 portal.
    Follow the instructions in Create account in ID06 with passport or national ID.
  2. Go to the ID06 portal to approve the order:
    Or, if you just created an account, click Sign in to your account.
  3. Log in to the ID06 portal. In this step, you need your mobile phone, to receive an SMS code that you must enter to log in:
    1. Click Sign in with SMS verification code.

      Sign in with verification code
    2. Enter your email address and password that you chose when creating your account. Click Sign in. You will receive a verification code sent to you by SMS to the phone number you have registered.

      Log in to your ID06 account
    3. Enter the SMS verification code and click Verify.

      Enter sms verification code
  4. Now you see all the contact information about yourself. Verify all information. If necessary, add missing information such as phone, address, city and country.
    When you are done click Accept.

    Verify, add info and accept your ID06 account

  5. Your information for the ID06 card is complete and the card will now be produced and printed.

    Card data is confirmed

  6. The ID06 partner (Nexus) now produces the card and delivers it to the address that the person in charge at your company has decided.

Next step

Continue to Activate ID06 card with passport or national ID.