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Old ID06 cards 1.0 are blocked after January 21, 2020

After January 21st all old ID06 1.0 cards are automatically blocked and you are not able to access an ID06 connected construction site unless you have a new 2.0 card.

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ID06's mission is to help ensure that "the right person is on the construction site, and is connected to the right employer".

The purpose of the ID06 credentials and attendance registration is to obstruct black work and other financial crime, thereby strengthening healthy competition. The system also helps to simplify workplace safety. For efficiently functioning accident prevention work it is vital to know and be able to control who is staying at the workplace, what work is going on and what safety instructions each individual has received. ID06 helps with this.

Read more about ID06 here.

The cardholder must identify

To order new ID06 cards, the cardholder must identify. Identification is most easily done over the internet with Swedish BankID. Employees that need ID06 cards and do not have Swedish BankID, can in some cases identify personally with passport or national ID. For more information, and a list of valid countries, see this list (in Swedish):


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  • The video shows the entire process how to order ID06 cards to your employees (only in Swedish).

For you as an administrator

For more information see ID06 for administrators.

For you as a cardholder

For more information on what you as a cardholder need to do to get your new ID06 card, see ID06 for cardholders

Mobile ID06 Card

ID06 will later launch a secure application for a mobile ID06 card.

The mobile ID06 card can be compared to a mobile eID, such as Swedish mobile BankID, and it has the same basic functions as the physical ID06 card. It can thus be used for registration in electronic personnel registers and for entry and exit at the workplace.