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Nexus ID06 documentation

Here you can find all the details on how to order ID06 cards. 


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Frequently asked questions - FAQ

Register company - FAQ


Swedish companies

Companies from other countries 

See the following instructions: 

Make sure that your personal information, such as spelling of name, matches the information in your BankID, eID or passport to 100%, otherwise you will not be able to confirm your registration or accept the card order. If the personal information in the order doesn´t match the BankID or passport information, the card order needs to be corrected. 

Before the card holder has identified, via passport or BankID, the nationality will be shown as "wrong" in the system. That message will disappear when the card holder has identified with BankID or the passport has been scanned.

For more information, see:

If you still have problem with the registration process, contact ID06 AB at for support.

Swedish companies

Companies from other countries 

See the following instructions: 


Order ID06 cards - FAQ


The authorized signatory can approve one or several administrators, who are able to place card orders and add or remove users (card orderers) for the company. 

For more information: 

  1. Log in to the Nexus ID06 order portal and select Handle cards.
  2. Enter search criteria, such as National identity number, card number, orderer, or name of card holder. Click Search
  3. Click at the symbol to the right of the card you need to change.
  4. The chosen card will be displayed on screen. To the right, you can see the available actions for the card order. You can also replace the photo from this view.
  5. The card holder will receive a message to approve the changed information.

If you are not able to use your eID (for example BankID) or if you get an error message showing "the session has expired", please follow these steps:
  1. Use a computer and not a mobile device.
  2. Use Google Chrome as web browser on your computer. Download Google Chrome here. 

If it still doesn´t work, contact ID06 AB: 

Check the personal information

The personal information, such as spelling of names and date of birth, in an order must match the information in the eID (BankID), passport or national ID to 100%. Otherwise, the card holder will not be able to approve the card order. An order that has not been confirmed by the card holder can be adjusted in the Nexus ID06 order portal


Use ID06 cards - FAQ


If you have problems registering your new card in the electronic cardreader onsite, do the following:
  1. Try to display the card for a longer period in front of the electronic cardreader.
  2. Place as much of the card as possible against the cardreader. Do not wave with the card, then it may lock!
  3. Have you activated the card? To work, the card must be activated. Activate the card on your ID06-account.
  4. Contact the supplier of the electronic cardreader.
  5. The card is activated but has stopped working.
    1. Check if the card fee to ID06 AB has been paid. If the fee has not been paid, ID06 AB suspends the card. Contact ID06 for support: 
    2. Once the fee has been paid, the card can be used again.
  6. The card has somehow broken and needs to be reclaimed. Guideline, reclaim card

Follow these steps:
  1. Log in to the company account at
  2. Select Card Management in the dropdown list.
  3. Search for the card you want to block.
  4. Select the card and choose to Terminate or Block.

Block or Terminate ID06 card

In the ID06 portal you can select Block card or Terminate card. The difference is:

  • A blocked card can be reactivated and used again. 
  • A terminated card can´t be reactivated and you need to order a new card.

Companies will be invoiced a card fee from ID06 AB for all their active cards. So, it is important to block or terminate a card that will not be used anymore.

A PIN will be generated when you activate your new ID06 card. At some construction sites, you will need to display your card to the electronical card reader and then enter your PIN for access.

To check your PIN code:

  1. Log in to the ID06 portal.
  2. Click My cards.
  3. Click on your card. At the bottom of the side, click Show PIN.
  4. Enter your card number, shown as BB-xxxx-xxxxxx at your card.
  5. The PIN will now be displayed on screen.


Scan passport or ID - FAQ


Nexus offers scanning of passport or national ID cards as an identification method via Sistec AB, if you cannot use eID as your identification method. You can visit any of Sitec's offices or you can book a meeting with their mobile team. For more information, go to

When your card order is confirmed, you as the the card holder will receive an email with instructions for the scanning process. You must create a personal account in the ID06 system and approve the card order. For more information, see Create account in ID06 with passport or national ID and Approve order with passport or national ID

Once you have approved the order, Nexus will produce the card. 

For more information, see: 

There are different rules depending on the nationality of the cardholder. Go to for more information about all the rules on what type of document you need to attach when ordering an ID06 card.

Go to and scroll down to Validation of your identity to find which passports and ID documents that are approved for scanning.


Invoicing for Nexus ID06 - FAQ


  1. Log in to the Nexus ID06 order portal.
  2. Click at the company name in top menu.
  3. Select Company settings and Invoice settings.
  4. Register the address information. You can have several different invoice addresses to choose from.

See also Can I get the Nexus ID06 invoice via email?

I don´t have the invoice 

I have paid the invoice 

  • If your payment was transferred to Nexus bank account No: 5215-0422, about the same time as the reminder was send, you can just ignore the reminder.
  • Otherwise, please contact for support.

Have you received a credit note from Nexus and don´t know how to use it?
  1. Do you want to use the credit note to pay a new invoice? Send an email to with invoice number and credit note number. We will settle the amounts correctly in the system.
  2. Do you want the payment in cash? Send an email to with your customer account number and your bank account information. An administrator from Nexus will contact you as soon as possible. 


Complaints and returns - FAQ




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