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This article describes how you as a card orderer can order ID06 cards for the employees. 

Do the following:

  1. Make sure to have the social security number, correct spelling of name, photograph, e-mail address and telephone number available for people to whom you should order cards.

    1. Social security number: If the employee does not have a Swedish "personnummer", see here for different countries' identification numbers: Attachment 8 Verifiying a persons identity.pdf.
    2. Photograph: If you do not follow the photo guidelines, the cards will not be produced. Read more here: Photo guidelines for ID06 card and see some examples of photographs here (text in Swedish).

  2. Order D06 cards for your employees via the Nexus ID06 order portal. After logging in, select New Card. Then follow the order flow step by step.
    More information about the order portal can be found here: About the Nexus ID06 order portal.
    1. During the New order - Cardholder step in the order flow, there is this choice:
      Add manual ID verification
      If your employees that shall have ID06 cards do not have Swedish BankID, they can in some cases identify themselves by scanning their passport or national ID card. See Alternative: Add manual ID verification.
    2. If you are ordering cards for a larger number of employees, you can contact Nexus to access the function "Import personal data from Excel file". Then follow the steps under Alternative: Import personal data from Excel file.
  3. When everything is filled in, click Add to shopping cart.
  4. Go to the shopping cart and check the order.
  5. Proceed to checkout.
    1. Confirm delivery options, address and recipients.
    2. If you want a mark on the invoice, fill in the cost centre under Expanse code.
    3. Confirm delivery terms.
    4. Check the summary and confirm the order.
  6. Nexus will now review the order and then mark the order as approved. The cardholder must then approve the order before the card can be produced.

Next step for the cardholder

Before an ID06 card can be produced, the order must be approved by the cardholder. For more information, see Approve order with Swedish BankID.