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Nexus offers scanning of passport or national ID cards as an identification method via Sistec AB, if you cannot use eID as your identification method. You can visit any of Sitec's offices or you can book a meeting with their mobile team. For more information, go to

When your card order is confirmed, you as the the card holder will receive an email with instructions for the scanning process. You must create a personal account in the ID06 system and approve the card order. For more information, see Create account in ID06 with passport or national ID and Approve order with passport or national ID

Once you have approved the order, Nexus will produce the card. 

For more information, see: 

There are different rules depending on the nationality of the cardholder. Go to for more information about all the rules on what type of document you need to attach when ordering an ID06 card.

Go to and scroll down to Validation of your identity to find which passports and ID documents that are approved for scanning.

If the card holder has a Swedish social security number and a Swedish BankID, the Nationality: Sweden must be registered in the system together with the Swedish social security number when ordering a new ID06 card. When the information is registered, the card holder will be able to approve the new card with BankID. The format of the social security number must match the chosen Nationality. 
  • If the card holder will verify with Swedish BankID - a Swedish social security number and Nationality: Sweden must be registered in the system.
  • If the card holder will verify with passport or a National ID card - the same Nationality and identification number must be registered in the system as the passport information. If the card holder has a Swedish coordination number (samordningsnummer) provided from the Swedish tax authority, add that information to the order portal in order to extend the validity of the card.  

Asylum seekers and track changers can apply for an ID06 card LMA through a company where they are employed or have an internship.

Go to and scroll down to ID06-Card LMA for asylum seekers & track changer to read more about rules and required documents.

The A1 certificate shows which social insurance system a person belongs to. The A1 certificate must be attached when ordering ID06 cards for an EU citizen who is employed in a foreign company. 

The employee will get the certificate from the local authority in his/her homeland and the certificate shows that the employee already belongs to another social insurance system and therefore should not pay tax for social fees in Sweden.

Read more about the rules here.

Contact Nexus' partner Sistec for more information and opening hours. 

Sistec offers full service in the following languages:

  • English
  • Finish
  • Danish
  • Polish
  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian
  • Arabic
  • German