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This article describes how to connect to the IDNomic connector from 3.8 - Nexus PRIME. For the supported certificate authorities, see 3.8 - PRIME requirements and interoperability

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The following files and details are required:

  • IDNomic CA server certificate: Server certificate used for authentication against the CA.
  • RA P12: This registration officer p12 file is build by IDNomic PKI and it is used by PRIME as a client certificate. The P12 password is provided by IDNomic.
  • Endpoint URL of the IDNomic CA.

Server certificate and Registration Authority p12 are provided by IDNomic server.

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Create a file called that looks like this (do not specify directory names):

    1. trustStorePath is the IDNomic server certificate file name

    2. p12Path is the RA P12 file name

  2. Create a zip file containing in its root the following files:

    • caServerCert.cer

    • registrator.p12


 Configure IDnomic connector

To configure the IDnomic connector into PRIME Designer:

  1. Log in to PRIME Designer as an administration user.
  2. Go to Home > Certification Authorities (CA) and click New.
  3. Enter Name and Host name of the IDNomic connector. Click Save+Edit.

  4. Enter the provided RA p12 keystore password in the Signing password field. This field is mandatory for IDNomic connector set up.
  5. Select Connection type IDnomic OpenTrust.
  6. Click Upload and upload the zip file that you created under heading "Preparations".
  7. Set the URL of the CA endpoint.
  8. Click Create to set the signing password.
  9. Click Save to save the configuration and go to the Details tab.
  10. Click Search on the right hand side. All IDnomic CA certificate types are fetched and all configurable certificate types are shown. Click Apply.
  11. Click Testing. All connections should be green.
  12. Click Save.