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Provision profile with visual data from a content provider

When a mobile virtual smart card is provisioned, the front layout and optionally the back layout of the card can be defined. The back side of the card can optionally be protected by PIN. 

Example - Provisioning command with visual data

The provisioning command in the Hermod API, POST /rest/command/provision, contains a "visualData" section within "profile".

If visualData is left out, then the provisioning operation will behave as before, without a visual ID. 

Example: visual data in json code
  "provCommand": {

    "profile": {

      "name": "string",
      "servername": "string",
      "visualData": {
        "contentId": "string",
        "profileCard": {
          "back": {
            "data": "string",
            "key": "string",
            "protection": "NONE",
            "textColor": "WHITE"
          "front": {
            "data": "string",
            "key": "string",
            "textColor": "WHITE"


Define card layout

A card layout can be defined during provisioning, in either of two ways: by including the actual data or by pointing to a content provider service where the image data is stored.



"<unique identifier>"


Unique identifier for the image data in the content provider, which is defined by contentProviderUrl in the Hermod client. See Add API user and callback URL in Hermod

The image data can be personalized including a personal photo or common for a whole organization or department. 


"<base64-encoded jpeg image>"


Image data in base64-encoded jpeg format, with an aspect ratio of 1200:757. 

If this parameter is used, it has precedence over "contentId"

If you need to set up a content provider, see 4.6 - Requirements on content provider API

Protect back with PIN

The back of the card can optionally be protected by PIN code, using the following parameter:  

ParameterAllowed valuesDescription



No PIN protection

Require online PIN or biometric validation to display the back of the card. 

Define text fields 

The following parameters are mandatory in the provisioning and the values will be printed on the card. To hide the texts, simply set text color to "CLEAR"

Text fieldParameterExample valuesDescription
Name"name""Anna Andersson"Typically the user's first and last name.
Issuer"servername""Nexus Group"

Typically the company name or department name.

Activated-Will be set to the provisioning date. 

The following text colors are available: 

ParameterAllowed values