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Your Gmail account can be protected with 2-step verification (which is the same as two-factor authentication, 2FA). This means that you add an extra layer of security to your Gmail account. For the second step, you can use Nexus Personal Mobile, which is an application for online two-factor authentication (2FA). Once set up, you sign in to Gmail with your Gmail password and a one-time password (OTP), sent to your mobile device.

Other mobile apps for online two-factor authentication are, for example, Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator. Nexus Personal Mobile offers extra security compared to them since you also authenticate your self in Personal Mobile with a PIN code or your fingerprint before you receive the OTP.

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A downloaded Personal Mobile application. See here for instructions.

Step-by-step instructions

Settings in Gmail

 Set up Gmail to use 2-step verification
  1. Log in to your Gmail account.
  2. Click My account to edit the security settings for your account. For more information about how to set up 2-step verification in Google, go here:
  3. Select Sign in & Security.
  4. Under Sign in to Google, select 2-step verification and follow the steps in the wizard.
    1. Scroll to the Authenticator app, click Configure and follow the steps.
    2. A QR code is displayed.

Settings in Personal Mobile

 Create OTP card in Personal Mobile

Continue with the following settings in Personal Mobile to create a one-time password (OTP) card for 2FA to Gmail. 

  1. Start Personal Mobile on your mobile device. For more information on Personal Mobile, go here.
  2. In Personal Mobile, click the QR symbol on the bottom.
  3. Scan the QR code from Gmail.
  4. Choose PIN code during activation.
  5. Enable biometric security if your device supports it, for example, fingerprint.

Log in

 Log in to Gmail with 2-step verification
  1. In the Gmail login dialog enter your password and click Next.
    The 2-step verification pop-up window is displayed.
  2. In Personal Mobile, click the "lock" symbol on the card that represents the Gmail account.
  3. Enter your chosen PIN code (from previous step) or verify with biometrics.
    An OTP (valid for 30 seconds) is shown in Personal Mobile.
  4. In Gmail, enter the OTP.

This article is valid from Nexus Personal Mobile 3.7.

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