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Nexus have announced End of Sale for Nexus Service Station. For more information, see End of Sale for Nexus Service Station.

Nexus Service Station is a self service kiosk used for registration of user information, photo capturing, signature capturing, encoding and printing of smart cards.The station uses touch screen and special kiosk mode software. The Service Station has a robust design and is intended to be placed in public areas. The station is lockable and and the software/OS is hardened making it hard to bypass the software.


Nexus Service Station is a robust standalone station in steel casing including touch screen, advanced DSLR camera, smart card reader, signature pad and a robust keyboard. The station can optionally be equipped with a smart card printer/encoder. See the Hardware specification for more information.

Predefined packages

Nexus Service Station includes three predefined packages: StandaloneSITHS and IDC. Branding of logo, welcome screen, data fields for registration etc. is included when ordering the standalone package.

Installation and Configuration (for integrators)

Nexus Service Station software includes a wide range of views for photo capturing, user registration, smart card management, card printing, signature capturing, end user acceptance of terms etc. The workflow and views can be configured using a range of different settings. Also, the general look and feel of the application can be customized. For software installation and upgrade, see Install software for Nexus Service Station. For configuration of the individual views, see Views. For general configuration and customization, see Customize and configure views.

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