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Here you find all older news for Nexus GO Signing.


Added description on how to Sign document via Word add-in. Also added how to use an identity provider with the SAML attribute userId, see for example Connect identity provider to Nexus GO Signing.


Added a summary of how documents are managed in Nexus GO PDF Signing. See Document management in Nexus GO Signing.


Steps are added for how to create a new signing request from a previous one. See Upload document to Nexus GO Signing portal.


The PDF Signing API and related documentation have been updated.

The documentation for Nexus GO PDF Signing has been restructured, and some more examples added. Information about eIDAS compliancy has been added.

New user guides for the PDF Signing portal have been added, see Nexus GO Signing user guide for signers and Nexus GO Signing user guide for administrators.


Nexus GO PDF Signing now includes an API. With the Nexus GO PDF signing API, you can build in creation of PDF signing requests into your own application. See PDF Signing API.


Nexus GO PDF Signing now supports SAML integration, which means that customers can use their own identity provider with the registered identities and authentication methods they already use for other purposes, to log in to the signing portal and sign documents. The connection to the identity provider needs to be configured in Nexus GO.

In the PDF signing portal, users can now also see the status of all current and previous signing requests.


Nexus GO PDF Signing now supports Swedish BankID.

When adding a signing request, Swedish BankID can now be selected as Signing Method. Users can then sign with Swedish BankID or Swedish Mobile BankID.


Nexus launches the service Nexus GO PDF Signing.