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What is Access Client?

Access Client is a part of Nexus Hybrid Access Gateway, that allows for secure remote access to internal client-server resources. Access Client creates a secure encrypted network tunnel between the user device and client-server applications. Also SSO for Telnet, SSH and RDP etc is provided. The client-server applications are registered in Hybrid Access Gateway as tunnel resources and tunnel sets.


Access Client is available for:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 and newer
  • Mac OS X 10.11 and newer

The Access Client installers are available on the Hybrid Access Gateway access point and are linked from the Hybrid Access Gateway application portal (only for Windows). Access Client for Mac OS is only available on Apple App Store. See also Install Access Client.

How to use Access Client

After logging on to the Hybrid Access Gateway, the client-server application resources are shown in the application portal. To create a secure tunnel to the client-server application, first install the Access Client, then the user simply clicks each resource icon. Access Client will start and automatically create a secure tunnel.

The user can add frequently used client-server applications as favorites in the Access Client. Favorites can be loaded directly from the Access Client without using the Hybrid Access Gateway application portal.

Multi-user Access Client

Multi-user Access Client is not supported.

Security features in Access Client

All communication is secured with strong encryption (SSL). Access Client also includes functions for device assessment and client firewall. The assessment function is checking security status on the client before creating the tunnel. The client firewall is used to restrict the client from communicating with other clients and servers outside the tunnel. The client firewall can block both incoming and outgoing traffic. The communication can be configured to provide seamless SSO for known protocols.

This article is valid from Nexus Hybrid Access Gateway 5.11.

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