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This article describes how to add an access rule, also for two-factor authentication (2FA), in Nexus Hybrid Access Gateway.

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Step-by-step instruction

 Log in to Hybrid Access Gateway administration interface
  1. Log in to the Hybrid Access Gateway administration interface with your admin user.
 Add access rule
  1. In the Hybrid Access Gateway administration interface, go to Manage Resource Access.
  2. Click Access Rules > Add Access Rule...
  3. Enter a display name and click Add Rule...

    Example: Display Name


  4. Select type of access rule. For 2FA, select Authentication method and click Next.
  5. Depending on selected type of access rule, enter values or select authentication method. For 2FA, select and add two authentication methods that shall be used. For more information, click the ?-sign.

    For 2FA

    The selected access rules for 2FA are used for authorization in the order they are selected.

  6. For 2FA, specify that the authentication methods shall be combined with a logical AND and click Next.
  7. Confirm the access rule creation. Click Next.
  8. Click Next again and then click Finish.

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