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Simple branding of the predefined standalone package in Nexus Service Station is included in the standard offering. Colours, logos, data fields etc. can be customized.

Included views in the standalone predefined package are:

Order of included views:Start viewLanguage viewLogin viewAccept term viewMessage viewRegister view(s)Photo viewSignature viewPickup location viewFinish view
Branding possible:XXXX


ViewWhat can be brandedFormat/Comment
Common settings
  • The views to include
  • The background colour**
  • The banner image**
  • The header colour (behind the banner image)**
  • The footer colour**
  • Select views
  • Hexencoded RGB #FF00FF
  • JPG 1800 x 180
  • Hexencoded RGB #FF00FF
  • Hexencoded RGB #FF00FF
Start view logo
  • Image file
  • JPG 1920 x 1080
  • Swedish
  • English
  • German
  • Select language(s)
Login authenticator
  • AD/LDAP login
  • Offline
  • Domain name list, for example,
Accept terms
  • Header + Text
  • RTF document.* (Only basic formatting such as line breaks, numbered lists and bullet lists are allowed)
Register fields
  • Field name
  • Field validation (validation is made on these fields: phone, email, ssn, repeat, required)
  • Specify names of input fields*
  • Select fields to validate. Validation is made on these fields: phone, email, ssn, repeat, required
Pickup locations
  • A list of places for the card to be picked up at.
  • Specify a list of pickup locations*
Finish view
  • Header
  • Text
  • Specify text for the finish view.*

* All texts need to be specified for each of the selected languages.
** The service station is designed for dark background and white fonts. Most pictures are white so background colour cannot be white.

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