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Administrator's workbench (AWB)

The Administrator's workbench (AWB) is used by administration officers in Nexus Certificate Manager for setting up CA-unique configurations. 
For example, these tasks are managed in the AWB: 

  • Initiate creation of CA keys and CAs
  • Implement CA policies, defining how certificates should be issued
  • Configure distribution rules for certificates and revocation lists
  • Manage officer roles and define officers
  • View request log and CIS log

Registration Authority (RA)

For example, these tasks are managed in the Registration Authority (RA): 

  • Create PKCS#12 files
  • Store certificates on smart cards
  • Import PKCS#10 requests
  • Register end entity information for approval of SCEP and CMP certificate enrollment requests
  • Register certificate data for orders used for card batch production
  • Recover archived keys

Certificate Controller (CC)

For example, these tasks are managed in the Certificate Controller (CC): 

  • Search for certificates

  • Revoke certificates

  • View certificate status and properties
  • Open a certificate for reading its content
  • Publish certificates to a directory using Publication Procedure
  • Export search result to text file in comma separated value (.CSV) format
  • Import CSV format files with certificate content information for searching and revocation.

Card Production Manager (CPM) clients

The following are Card Production Manager clients: 

  • Order Explorer (OE)
    The Order Explorer (OE) client is used to place smart card production orders in batches, search for, view, and delete orders, and create batches specifying which CA that will sign the certificates. A batch is linked to a CA and the officer who executes it must be issued by the same CA.
  • Batch Explorer (BE)
    The Batch Explorer (BE) client is used to execute smart card production batches, issue certificates for smart cards using a card printer, search for and view batches, and undo batch creation. 

Secure Printer (SP)

The Secure Printer (SP) client is used to search, sort, create, and print PIN and PUK letters containing secret codes within a sealed envelope. PIN and PUK letters can be printed for personalized cards as well as not yet produced cards, in so called anonymous letters. Anonymous letters are associated with cards by using the RA. Printer templates are used for defining the printing layout.