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The Nexus Card SDK consists of a number of components which, along with some tools, provide the full range of functions required for ID card production. The components are provided as

  • 32-bit Microsoft ActiveX Controls
  • Web services (REST, SOAP)

The tools for device configuration, licensing, and layout design (unless Web mode is used) are provided as .exe files. The Nexus Card SDK is installed on the client PC, allowing the ActiveX controls to be activated and called from a local client program (fat client, browser, other application client) or via web service from a remote application.

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 Key features

Nexus Card SDK 5.2 has the following key features:

  • Encapsulation of the core functions for ID card production into a program package to be installed separately
  • Provision of a database-independent interface for the core functions
  • Possibility of integration with a
    • (Windows-based) host application, or
    • Serverside host application
    • Web browser-based client application
    such as:
      • ID card management system
      • Time recording system
      • Access control system
      • Master data system
      • Visitor management system
      • other personal systems

This makes it ideally suited to integrate card production functions very quickly into an existing application without having to develop the actual core functions.


Illustration 1: Architecture Nexus Card SDK

The usage via ActiveX controls requires certain conditions (basically a 32-bit Windows environment of the “caller” application), while the connection via web service is allowed by almost every platform as "caller".

The following table shows the most important integration ways of the two options interface types:

Caller platformInterface type
ActiveXWeb service
Windows (32-bit)

Windows (64-bit)-

Non-Windows (e.g. Java, Linux)-


Internet Explorer


Remote Call (e.g. serverside)-

Table 1: Nexus Card SDK Integration options


The following components are installed in Nexus Card SDK:

Component nameDescription
Capture Component 1Capture of photos, signatures, and documents
Print ComponentPrint preview and printout to printer
Code ComponentEncoding of RFID and contact encoding
Edit ComponentDesign of layouts when the components are used in the web environment (only in Web mode)

1 For a correct usage of most capture devices, the following services of Windows must be up and running:

  • Windows Image Acquisition (WIA), with service name: stisvc
  • Shell Hardware Detection, with service name: ShellHWDetection

The following tools are installed in Nexus Card SDK:

Name of toolDescription
Configuration ManagerConfiguration of devices for capture, printing, and encoding. Setting the system language. Performing the licensing.
CardDesigner (Only in Non-web mode)Graphic design of layouts. Definition of card types, including layouts, encodings, and printer assignments.
Overview and Quickstart HTML toolIncludes a summary overview of the program package, example program links, and a HTML test page for Web mode.

The following illustration shows the interplay between the host application on the one hand, and the Nexus Card SDK components and tools on the other:

Illustration 2: Embedding of the components and tools in a host application on a client