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This article describes planned features and improvements in Nexus Card SDK.

Latest release

For news and release notes, see Card SDK news

In progress


Coming features


Magicard Rio Pro 360 PKI encoding

Adding full support for integrated PKI encoding with Rio Pro 360.

In progressCard SDK

Add new UHF encoder

Implementing the M6E Nano UHF encoder as a replacement for the (currently supported) M5E.

PlannedCard SDK

Simplified configuration DESFire derivation algorithms

Providing a generic approach to configure implemented DESFire key derivation algorithms in encoding files.

PlannedCard SDK

Remote printing

Make it possible for Card SDK to poll print jobs from a remote server.

PlannedCard SDK

Nexus reserves the right to change the roadmap due to recent requests. 


If you want to know more about our roadmaps and plans for the future, do not hesitate to contact us.