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This article describes the configuration files and folders that come with Protocol Gateway

Each enrollment protocol is configured in a separate <protocol>.properties file and determines the following:

  • The flag to enable the protocol.
  • The names of the enrollment token procedures in CM server.
  • The name and location of any device RA token.
  • Any protocol specific configuration.

It is possible to override the cmHost and officer parameters specified in on a protocol and/or handler level. This makes it possible for different protocols and handlers to connect to different CF instances. See below for an example on how to configure cmHost and officer for a handler:

Example: How to configure cmHost and officer for a handler
handler.20.filter = certificates/[a-z0-9A-Z]+/details
handler.20.format = api/certificates-details
handler.20.cmhost = cf-host-ip
handler.20.officer.keyfile = protocol-gateway-vro-cf-host-ip.p12
handler.20.officer.password = <...>

<configroot> path

The <protocol>.properties file are stored in the <configroot> path. 

<configroot> corresponds to the following paths: 

Windows <configroot>
Linux <configroot>

Configuration files

These are the standard configuration files in <configroot>/conf:

Configuration files and foldersDescription

Contains configuration for the ACME service.

Contains configuration for the CM REST API service.

Contains configuration for the AST service.

Defines network parameters for the CoAP proxy that can be used with the EST service.

Defines network parameters and service definitions.

Contains configuration for the CMC service.

Contains configuration for the CMP service.

Contains configuration for the Distribution Center service.

dp.propertiesContains configuration for the Distribution Point service.

Contains configuration for the EST service.

Contains configuration for the EUI service.

itss.propertiesContains configurations for ETSI Intelligent Transportation System Stations. See also Upgrade Protocol Gateway from 8.4.0 or earlier.

Contains configuration for logging.

Contains configuration for the Ping service.

Contains configuration for the SCEP service.

Contains configuration for the SDK Proxy service.

Contains configuration for the WinEP service.


The certdir folder contains the trusted issuer certificates of the TLS server certificate of the CM server.

Configure verifications of certificate requests 

For more information, see Certificate request verifications in Protocol Gateway

This article is valid for Certificate Manager 8.5 and later.