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This article describes how to configure URLs to other Smart ID components in three different scenarios.

When setting URLs to other Smart ID components, the format you use depends on where both components are installed, and if they can communicate together.

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For the scenarios described in this article, consider A to be the component where you configure an URL to another component, and B being the other component.

How to configure URLs 

Scenario 1: 

In this scenario, both containers are inside the same docker network.

  1. Use the container's hostname (if defined) or its name, and the port used inside the container. You can find this information inside component B's docker-compose.yml.
  2. Use the following format for the URL:

    Scenario 1: URL format

Scenario 2: 

In this scenario, use the Virtual Machine's fully qualified domain name and the port exposed by the docker container.

  1. To get the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of your Virtual Machine, run the following command (for Linux or Windows):

    Fully qualified domain name on Linux:
    hostname --fqdn
    Fully qualified domain name on Windows
    net config workstation | findstr /C:"Full Computer name"
  2. Use the following format for the URL:

    Scenario 2: URL format

Scenario 3: 

In this scenario, use the public URL that goes through the proxy of your choice. 

  1. Use the environment variables defined in smartid.env (by searching for the right one).
  2. Use the following format for the URL:

    Scenario 3: URL format

    In some cases, you might need to do some extra configuration on your proxy to ensure that the communication is trusted. This configuration depends on the proxy you are using. See the proxy documentation for more information. 

    This is important if you want to use SAML as authentication method in Self-Service. See Configure Traefik between Self-Service and IDM for more information.