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Nexus Smart ID Corporate PKI is a flexible and scalable certificate authority (CA) software, which enables you to issue and manage electronic identities (eIDs) for your enterprise need. Issue certificates for your employees (smart cards, mobile IDs, encryption, S/MIME etc) and to your devices (servers, routers, Wifi Aps, Phones or Firewalls).

The Corporate PKI module can be used stand-alone or as an add-on to Digital ID to replace Microsoft ADCS or any other CA or PKI platform. 


Corporate PKI

Use cases
Certificates for enterprise use 
Smart cards, P#12, devices, servers, mobile app

Microsoft ADCS replacement (WinEP)

Basic server certificate management

OCSP responder, see CM architecture overview

Standard certificate enrollment protocols
SCEP, CMP, CMC, EST, see CM interfaces

Tenants for internal use

Setup of one production system and one non-production system for test, training, and support.
Each system contains the following software.

Installation and configuration of the certificate authority platform Nexus Certificate Manager

OCSP responder, see CM architecture overview

Nexus Personal Desktop