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With the CardDesigner tool in Nexus Card SDK, you define and manage card types, design card layouts and produce ID cards. To do this, different views in CardDesigner are used:

  • Card Table view is used to define new card types, associate card types with databases, and produce cards.
  • Card Layout view provides tools and options for layout design. You can use card layouts that come with the system, or you can create your own individual layouts. Various layout objects, such as images, logos, texts, signatures, etc., are inserted into the card layout and tailored to your needs.
  • Production view allows you to issue the cards on the designated card printer. If a database is linked to a specific card type (for example, employee card), then the view will change to display the individual records.

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 Start the CardDesigner tool
  1. Start the CardDesigner tool from the Start menu in Windows.
 Switch between views

CardDesigner provides several ways to switch from Card Table view to Card Layout view.

To switch from Card Table view to Card Layout view:

  1. Create a new card layout (File > New Card Layout)
  2. Open an existing card layout (File > Open Card Layout...) or double-click on the relevant card layout (Front or Back).

To switch from Card Layout view to Card Table view:

  1. Click File > Card Table or select the Card Table tab.