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Digital access - How it works

Nexus Smart ID Digital access is a software-based authentication and federation solution used to enable secure access to digital services – no matter where those services or users are located. The product supports many user-friendly two-factor authentication (2FA) methods and provides identity federation, enabling users to log on just once (single sign-on) to reach all managed resources. 

Nexus Smart ID Identity provider is a slimmed version of Smart ID Digital access, designed for you who need to use existing identities and authentication methods, but not the other features. For example, Smart ID Identity provider can be used together with Nexus GO Signing


Identity provider

Digital access

Use cases

Standard authentication methods supported
See Authentication methods in Digital Access.

Nexus authenticators included: Mobile app, invisible token, etc. 
See Authentication methods in Digital Access.

Identity orchestration

Security gateway for digital resources

Reverse proxy

Single sign-on in Digital Access


Identity provider (IDP)

Service provider (SP)

User self-service to change or reset password

High availability

Access rules in Digital Access


Setup of one production system and one non-production system for test, training, and support.
Each system contains the following software.

Installation and configuration of the two-factor authentication and access platform Smart ID Digital Access component.

Nexus Personal Desktop Client

One-time password (OTP) functionality using Smart ID Mobile App


Integration with one directory service, for example active directory (AD) through Smart ID Digital Access component.

For an overview of the complete Smart ID Workforce offering, see Smart ID Workforce modules