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Nexus Smart ID Digital Signing is a solution for allowing end users to make certificate-based digital signatures on PDF documents or XML data. User authentication can be done in multiple ways, for example by connecting any external identity provider. The signing services can be managed through a portal or incorporated into your own local applications or online services by using the available APIs or a signing federation.

Two services are available with different features. Select the service that best fits your needs.  


PDF Signing

Federated Signing

Use cases

Certificate-based remote signing, secured by a hardware security module (HSM).

End users can sign by multiple authentication methods, from internal or external identity providers.

See Connect identity provider to PDF Signing for examples.

SAML federation with multiple identity providers and service providers.

The document is signed centrally.

The document or data stays in the own environment, only the hash is transferred to the signing service.

Signing portal

Asynchronous signing

Synchronous signing

Support for PDF documents (PAdES)

Support for XML data (XAdES)


Access to PDF Signing portal & PDF Signing API

Access to signing service API & support service


External identity providers

Service providers

Connect to discovery service, for example Nexus GO Discovery

Nexus GO Signing 

Nexus GO PDF Signing is a cloud service that enables your end users to make secure digital signatures on PDF documents. The documents are uploaded to and signed in the Nexus GO PDF Signing Portal

Nexus GO Federated Signing

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