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This article summarizes how documents are managed and secured in Nexus GO Signing

Where are the documents stored?

Nexus GO PDF Signing is hosted in an Microsoft Azure data center within the European Union (EU).

For more information on Azure security, see Introduction to Azure security.

For how long are the documents stored?

The documents are stored in Nexus GO PDF Signing for a maximum of 30 days. 

Who can access the Nexus GO PDF Signing service?

Only qualified Nexus personnel can access the service. Introduction of new Nexus personnel to manage the service is handled according to the Nexus ISO27000 system. In summary, the procedure contains a background check, introduction training, and training in GDPR, rules and security routines, as a prerequisite to getting access for the individual user to the system.

Nexus temporarily stores and processes uploaded PDF documents for the purpose of adding digital signatures and related information. Except for this case, Nexus will not access the content of the Documents unless explicit consent has been given by the Administrator who uploaded the Document.

For more information, see Terms and Conditions for Nexus GO PDF Signing