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These are the minimum requirements before a user can log on to Nexus Hybrid Access Gateway:

For more information about Hybrid Access Gateway, see Hybrid Access Gateway overview and Hybrid Access Gateway architecture overview.

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Hybrid Access Gateway for administrators

 Administration interface

The web-based administration interface for Hybrid Access Gateway is divided into four sections: Monitor System, Manage Accounts and Storages, Manage Resource Access, and Manage System. There is also online help available. To search in the online help click Help and to get help on each specific page, click the ? button.

The structure on Nexus Documentation follows the administration interface and has these main pages:

Hybrid Access Gateway for end users

 Application portal

The application portal is the Hybrid Access Gateway web portal that users log on to in order to access corporate applications from remote locations. In the application portal, the applications - registered resources - can be displayed as icons with link texts. In the Hybrid Access Gateway administration interface, these icons with link texts are called application portal items. Application portal items can be created for the following resource types:

 Access Client

The Access Client creates a secure encrypted network tunnel between the user device and client-server applications.