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This article describes how to get started with Nexus GO Cards:

  1. Download the onboarding form in your preferred language: 
    1. In English: Nexus GO Cards Registration_EN.pdf
    2. In Swedish: Nexus GO Cards Registration_SE.pdf
  2. Fill in the form. For multiple products, sites or departments, use one form for each one. 
  3. Send the form to
    Nexus customer success team will contact you to configure your preferred card layout, technology and encoding and set up the ordering portal according to your needs. See below for more information on how to customize the system to your needs. 
  4. Evaluate the sample cards that will be sent to you. 
  5. When you have approved the card layout and sample cards, you are ready to start ordering cards on

    If you prefer to build in the card ordering functions into your own system, you can use the available REST API. See below for more information. 

Customize the system to your needs

If you have any specific requirements or questions, contact Nexus' customer success team at

For example, you can get help with the following issues: 

Order via REST API 

The card ordering functions can be integrated into your own system by using the available REST API. 

To use the API: 

  1. Contact to set up an account to the API. 
  2. Do any implementations needed to integrate card ordering functions into your own system.
    For detailed information and examples, see Card ordering API