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To get started with Nexus GO PKI Cards, do the following: 

  1.  Order the service: 

    1. Contact NexusNexus will send you an onboarding form.
    2. Fill in the onboarding form, including delivery address, billing information, etc. 
      Nexus will send you a starter kit including initial employee cards and card readers, and credentials to the Nexus Support portal
  2. Download software from the Nexus Support portal
    1. Log in to the portal with the credentials provided by Nexus.
    2. Download Nexus Card SDK
  3. For helpdesk client computers, to be able to issue temporary cards, set up Nexus Card SDK

    If registration officers need to be able to enhance photos before card production, then these clients must also have Nexus Card SDK

    1. Download the Card SDK software from the Nexus Support portal. Log in with the credentials provided by Nexus.
    2. Install Card SDK on the clients where temporary cards will be assigned. 
    3. Install the PKCS#11 driver file that you get from Nexus. 
  4. Set up smart card logon and set the CA certificate to trusted: 
    1. Save the CA certificate files from either of the delivered PKI cards. 
    2. Set up smart card logon in Active Directory.
  5. Test the service, for example smart card login to Windows and issuing temporary cards.
  6. Now, you are ready to order cards for everyone in your organization. 
    For more information, see PKI Card Management tasks.

> Contact Nexus to order the service, or if you have any questions