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Hardware one-time password (OTP) tokens include various devices, such as key fobs and display cards, and either one-button tokens or tokens with PIN protection. 

About one-time passwords (OTP)

A one-time password (OTP) is a temporary and unique passcode, that is generated by an algorithm to authenticate users to digital resources. There are different types of one-time passwords (OTP), as defined by the Initiative for Open Authentication (OATH):

  • Time-based OTP (TOTP): A TOTP is renewed after a fix amount of time, for example 30 seconds. The algorithm that generates each password uses the current time of day as one of its factors, ensuring that each password is unique. 
  • Event-based OTP (HOTP): An HOTP is valid per authentication. After authentication a new OTP is generated. 

One-time passwords (OTP) in Nexus' Digital access platform

Smart ID Digital access supports OTP-token authentication for the OATH standards for HOTP, TOTP and OCRA as well as self-registration for OATH-compliant mobile applications. 

For information on other supported OATH-based authentication methods in Digital access, see Authentication methods in Digital Access


  • Time- or event-based one-time passwords.


  • Works offline