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This article describes the hardware, on which to install the Smart ID Certificate Manager (CM) system. The hardware shall correspond to one of the typical configurations described in Recommended setup of Certificate Manager.

More details about hardware requirements and interoperability can be found in Certificate Manager requirements and interoperability.

CM clients


Administrator's workbench (AWB)

2 smart card readers
Certificate Controller (CC)1 smart card reader
Registration Authority (RA)2 smart card readers or 1 smart card reader and 1 smart card printer
Secure Printer (SP)1 smart card reader and 1 printer to print PIN letters
Protocol GatewayA Servlet engine, for example, Tomcat, supporting Java Servlet Specification 3.1
CM Web Services (CM WS)A Servlet engine, for example, Tomcat, supporting Java Servlet Specification 3.1

CM server

CIS1 Hardware Security Module is recommended to protect the CA keys and to sign certificates produced by the CIS.

In order to improve availability and performance, a Certificate Issuing System (CIS) can be equipped with more than one HSM. See Certificate Manager requirements and interoperability for a list of supported HSMs. Each supported HSM has its individual installation described in the associated manuals from the manufacturers.