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Municipalities, government agencies, regions, religious communities, foundations and non-profit organizations must start by filling in a form on the ID06 AB website, before you can order ID06 2.0 cards. 

Apply as soon as possible, since the processing time can be up to 1-3 weeks or longer. During a transition period, some cardholders must still order 1.0 cards.

Connect organization to ID06

You need to fill in a form on the ID06 website. The form is checked and approved by ID06 AB and the application must be validated.

See the following link for instructions: Connect organization to ID06

If you have questions about the form or the status of your application, send an email to 

Register company and order cards

When the organization is connected to ID06, you can go on to register the company and order cards, according to the instructions on this and following pages: Register your company in ID06.