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Manage identities in the Smart ID Manager

Use case overview

Synchronize identities

Identities are managed in the AD or an HR system, and automatically imported into PRIME in a scheduled process. If the main identity source is an HR system, then the data import is done via CSV files. 

In the Smart ID package, there are two types of identities: employees and external persons. External persons are for example consultants and contractors. Both active and inactive persons are imported. Persons can be inactive when they are on temporary leave, for example. 

The following use cases are available: 

Capture photos

For the card production, photos must be available in the identity data. Photos can be captured or uploaded in the following ways: 

Manage identities manually

When the person data is imported through the automated workflows, some data remains to be collected, for example to manually add persons that are not registered in the AD or HR system. 

The following use cases are available: 

Optional use cases: