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A certificate and a private key can be imported into Personal Desktop App in the format of a .p12 or .pfx file. The certificate is then uploaded to a virtual smart card, which is an advantage compared to managing the certificate in Windows user certificates. One imported profile can only contain one certificate. 


To import a certificate and private key into Personal Desktop App, a virtual smart card must first be created. See Create virtual smart card

Step-by-step instruction

This article describes how to import certificates to Nexus Personal Desktop App.

  1. Start Personal Desktop App.

  2. Import the .p12 or .pfx or certificate container file that include the certificate and private key.
    You can either: 

    1. Click Import in the upper right corner of the app and then select the file.

    2. Drag-and-drop the file into the app.

  3. Enter a name for the profile and the certificate password.

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