Nexus' software components have new names:

Nexus PRIME -> Smart ID Identity Manager
Nexus Certificate Manager -> Smart ID Certificate Manager
Nexus Hybrid Access Gateway -> Smart ID Digital Access component
Nexus Personal -> Smart ID clients

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This article describes how to install Nexus Card SDK

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To see the installation requirements for Card SDK, go here.

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Run the setup file: Nexus_Card_SDK_Setup_(xxx).exe.

  2. In the pop-up window User Account Control, enter an administrator username and password, and click Yes.

  3. In Installer language, select a language and click OK.

You can also do a silent installation of Card SDK. Silent installation can be used for installing Card SDK on several machines at once via software distribution. Use the /S parameter when you run the setup file:

Nexus_Card_SDK_Setup_(xxx).exe /S

Silent installation with "Wibu Dongle" is not supported. 

  1. In the Nexus Card Setup window, click Next to continue.
  2. Read and accept the End-User License Agreement.
  3. Select components to be installed.
  4. Choose installation path for application and data.
    • Example:
      Application: C:\Program Files (x86)\Nexus Card SDK
      Application data: C:\ProgramData\cms
  5. If an existing installation of Nexus Card SDK (or IDExpert SDK) is found, choose the “Do not overwrite data” option. Click Install.

  6. Click OK to proceed.

  7. Internet/Intranet access is needed, so “Allow the access”.
  8. New items were installed in the start menu and on the desktop.

The installation adds the following entries to the registry of the local PC.

When operating system is 32-bit:


InstallDirREG_SZC:\Program Files\Nexus Card SDK

NameREG_SZNexus Card SDK X.X.X

When operating system is 64-bit:


InstallDirREG_SZC:\Program Files (x86)\Nexus Card SDK

NameREG_SZNexus Card SDK X.X.X

The installation creates the following entry on the Windows client PC:

Start/Programs/Nexus Card SDK/

  • CardDesigner - Application for layout designing and card types
  • ConfigurationManager - Configurator for devices and licensing
  • Overview and Quickstart - HTML file with information about Nexus Card SDK

The installation creates an item in the Windows control panel, which can also be used to uninstall the program package.

2 directories are created, which have the following basic meaning:

  • Program and documentation directory
    Contains all program files (EXE, DLL, OCX), as well as PDFs and example programs
  • Configuration and data directory
    Contains configuration files (for example of Configuration Manager), layout files (unless working in Web mode), encoding rules, etc.

The directory structure looks like this:

Programs/Nexus Card SDK/

System (program files)
Doc (documentation)
Examples (integration samples)


(configuration files)

After the installation of Nexus Card SDK, the system always runs in demo mode. It is only after installing the license file, including matching it with the dongle-ID or the computer-bound system ID, that the system will be licensed in accordance with the information contained in the license file.

Card SDK installation FAQ

Does the application need access to Network Drive UNC-Path/Drive?No
Is the application backend located on a Network Drive UNC-Path/Drive?No
Does the application receive automatic updates from a network drive UNC-Path/Drive?No
Does the application require web services protocol, DNS name, or IP address?Yes, https
Does the application require a software protection device, for example dongle or floppy
Does the application require a licence key or an activation code?Depends on installation
Does the application require a licence server DNS name or IP address?No
Does the application require a description of the activation process?No
Does the application require a particular network printer or print server (DNS name or IP address)?No
Does the application require a particular local printer and driver?No
Does the application require a particular hardware device and driver?No
Does the application require another application for execution?No
Does the application require modify permission on the C:\ drive, apart from the default installation/program folder?No

Is this application certified for the current operating system by its manufacturer?

See Card SDK requirements and interoperability for supported OSs.

Does the application require access to a centrally managed SQL database?No
Are ODBC data sources required?No