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This article describes how to add the Nexus Personal Messaging component Hermod test app to an existing configuration.

Hermod test app is a test GUI that can be used for basic tests of Hermod, without the need for a connected access management system, such as Nexus Hybrid Access Gateway

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Step-by-step instruction

 Load docker image

The docker image can be loaded locally to each machine, or to the docker registry, and used remotely from several machines.

  1. If you want to load the released docker image locally on the target host:

    Example: load docker image
    > docker load -i hermod-testapp-2.x.y.RELEASE.tar
  2. If you have a docker registry, load the image there.
 Add hermod-testapp to existing docker compose configuration

To edit the docker compose configuration:

  1. Edit the configuration file docker-compose.yml with the correct values for your environment. Below you can find examples, but the actual values must match the specific deployment scenarios.

    File path: example/compose/hermod/docker-compose.yml

    Example: docker-compose.yml
    version: '2'
        restart: unless-stopped
          - "20488:20488"
          - "<my-hermod-server>:"
          - TZ=Europe/Stockholm
          - JAVA_OPTS=-Xms128m -Xmx256m -XX:MaxMetaspaceSize=256m -XX:CompressedClassSpaceSize=64m -Xss256k -Xmn8m -XX:InitialCodeCacheSize=4m -XX:ReservedCodeCacheSize=64m -XX:MaxDirectMemorySize=64m
        mem_limit: 512m
          - ./config:/home/docker/config:z
          - ./certificates:/home/docker/certificates:z
          - ./cacerts:/cacerts:z
          - ./testdb:/tmp/db:z
            max-size: 10m
        command: " --application.hermod-testapp.hermod.url=https://<my-hermod-server>:20400/hermod/rest --application.hermod-testapp.hermod.api-key=aGVybW9kLXRlc3RhcHA6MjY5NzJkOGZhOTQxNGI4MWJmMzVjYzllNGI3YmY2NWU1MWZiYjEzNGFiMjY0MGFlYWJkM2U3N2U3ZjE0NDAwMg== --spring.datasource.url=jdbc:h2:file:/tmp/db/hermod-testapp-ad.sql"
  2. The default value for context path and uri base is /hermod/rest/ (that is http://localhost:20400/hermod/rest/...). You might need to change this for hermod-testapp too, if your current Hermod configuration has been changed.

 Start Hermod Testapp
  1. Start Hermod test app with the following command:

    Example: Start hermod-testapp
    > docker-compose up -d hermod-testapp
    > docker-compose logs -f
  2. Try to connect to the GUI from a browser:

    Example: Connect to GUI