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This article describes the license file for Smart ID Certificate Manager (CM).

A signed license file will be shipped to each CM customer. The license file must be available on the system before you Install Certificate Manager. Data in the license file determines which CM components that can be installed and started.

  • During the installation, the license file is copied into <configuration_root>/license.
  • The view of an application window and the possibility to perform certain tasks may vary according to the license.

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Update license file


Before you start, make sure that you have access to the new license file.

Step-by-step instruction

Perform the following procedures when you are converting a temporary license to a permanent license.

  1. Stop the Certificate Factory (CF) and Certificate Issuing System (CIS) services.
  2. On your server, navigate to the License folder and replace the old license file with the new one.
  3. Start the CF and CIS services. 
  4. Check the server log that the services have been started successfully.
  1. Stop the client(s).
  2. Replace the license file located under <configuration_root>/license.

  3. Start the client(s). 

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