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When a PKI card of an employee or external user is lost or damaged, it can be locked. Once locked, the card and related certificates can not be activated again. 

This article describes how to lock a PKI card in Nexus GO PKI Cards

Available to role

Registration officerHelpdesk


The card is active. 

Lock PKI card 

  1. Log in to PKI Card Management service
  2. Go to the SEARCH tab. 
  3. Search for the card, either via Related objects for a person, or in the following way: 
    1. In the drop-down box on the upper left, select Employee Card or External Card. Optionally, enter search criteria, for example Last Name
    2. Click the Search button. The search results are shown in a table. 
    3. Click on a card to select it.
  4. Under What do you what to do? on the upper right, click Lock Employee Card or Lock External Card
  5. The card and related certificates are now locked, and can not be activated again.