Nexus' software components have new names:

Nexus PRIME -> Smart ID Identity Manager
Nexus Certificate Manager -> Smart ID Certificate Manager
Nexus Hybrid Access Gateway -> Smart ID Digital Access component
Nexus Personal -> Smart ID clients

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To align our offering within the Nexus Smart ID solutions, there will be common Smart ID releases from the summer of 2020 and on. Nexus' main software components will also change names to harmonize. 

The renaming of Nexus' software components on Nexus Documentation will take place during summer 2020.

New names of software components

The following software components will change names: 

Old nameNew name
Smart ID Identity Manager (PRIME)Smart ID Identity Manager
Smart ID Digital Access component (Hybrid Access Gateway)Smart ID Digital Access
Smart ID Certificate ManagerSmart ID Certificate Manager
Smart ID Mobile App (Personal Mobile)

Smart ID Mobile App

Will be named Nexus Smart ID on App Store and Google Play.

Smart ID Desktop App (Personal Desktop App)Smart ID Desktop App

About the Smart ID solutions

Click the links to read more about the Smart ID solutions, modules and use cases. 

Smart ID Workforce

Nexus Smart ID Workforce provides easy-to-use modules to issue, manage and use trusted employee identities in the form of digital smart cards for mobile devices and physical cards. 

Smart ID IoT

Nexus Smart ID IoT is a flexible and scalable certificate authority (CA) software, which enables you to register, issue and manage electronic identities for devices in typical IoT use cases.