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Added authentication library for .NET Standard, see Authentication libraries.


Branding and iframes have been improved.

The new version of the branding feature allows BankID to be launched automatically on mobile devices. For more information, see Example: Automatic launch of Swedish Mobile BankID on mobile device.

The customer can brand the login page or iframe by providing a .css style sheet to Nexus. For more information, see Implement authentication method.


Nexus GO Authentication is now available as an authentication method in Nexus Hybrid Access Gateway. This means that customers who already have Hybrid Access Gateway can use Nexus GO Authentication with Swedish Bank ID as authentication method and let users benefit from single sign-on or federation and log in once to access multiple resources.

For more information, see the Hybrid Access Gateway documentation: Set up Nexus GO as an authentication method.


Nexus launches the service Nexus GO Authentication with Swedish BankID.