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Signing SAML federation

Nexus GO Federated Signing is a web service for remote signing of PDF documents and XML data. The service ensures a high level of privacy and trust, since the documents or data never have to leave the own environment. The service especially suits organizations that handle sensitive data or act on regulated markets, such as bank, finance and public sector. 

The signing service is based on Oasis Digital Signature Services (DSS) and complies with eIDAS advanced electronic signatures (AdES), which means for example that it has a built-in PKI to issue and manage signing certificates. 

User authentication is managed by connecting one or more identity providers (IdPs), for example Nexus Smart ID Identity provider or external IdPs. 

The signing service can be combined with the Nexus Smart ID solution for various use cases, for example by using the Digital ID module to issue identities. 

How does it work? 

Users access web-based services through their web browsers. The online service is able to log in users, and allow users to sign documents. Through use of different identity providers, different user categories can access e-services and the signing service in the federation.

The federation is defined in the metadata, which contains credentials and other information for each identity and service provider. The Discovery service provides a way for e-services to let their users select identity provider and authentication method. Nexus GO Discovery can be used for this purpose. 

For more information on Nexus' solution, see the following links:

How do I order the service? 

See Get started with Nexus GO Federated Signing.