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Smart ID IoT

Nexus GO IoT is a service for issuing and managing PKI certificates for secure identification of IoT devices. PKI certificates enable authenticated and encrypted device-to-cloud and device-to-device communication, to secure the supply chain against product forgery and provide for secure enrollment and provisioning of devices. Thereby, integrity, safety and privacy are maintained during the device lifecycle.

By signing up to the Nexus GO IoT trial version, you can quickly get started and test the service. The trial version helps you develop and verify the certificate provisioning and the PKI-based security functions. The certificate content can be adjusted and verified before devices are marketed and productively deployed. 

How do I order the service? 

For more information, see Get started with Nexus GO IoT

Supported certificate enrollment protocols

The service Nexus GO IoT issues X.509 certificates over any of the supported standardized certificate enrollment protocols. Initially, the available certificate enrollment protocols are EST and EST-coaps. More protocols will be added later. 

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Added more details on the service Nexus GO IoT, including how to get started and supported certificate enrollment protocols. 

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