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This article describes the available card types, layouts, RFID and PKI technologies for Nexus GO PKI Cards

Card layouts

The following card types are included in Nexus GO PKI Cards:

Card typeDescriptionValidity
Employee cardFor employees3 years
External card

Different card layout for persons that are not employed, for example consultants and contractors.

3 years
Temporary card

Replacement card for a limited period of time.

14 days

Nexus provides standard templates for the three standard card types. Nexus consultants or partners do the following customizations of the layouts:

  • insert customer's logotype
  • change colors
  • change text fields
  • select orientation (landscape or portrait)

The following standard card layout templates are used. Open the files to see all layout options per card type:

PKI chip

The following PKI chip technology is provided on the Nexus GO PKI Cards:

  • Gemalto IDPrime 830
  • PKCS#15, ISO7816 

The PKI chip includes the following certificates:

  • one certificate for authentication
  • one certificate for non-repudiation

RFID technology

The cards are equipped with the RFID technologies EM and MIFARE Classic. Chip readings are stored in the card management tool, and can be adapted to other encoding methods and used in the customer's physical access control system (PACS).