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Nexus GO PKI Cards lets your organization get started with PKI cards for Windows login, access to digital resources, authenticated emails, and digital signing, without the need to train personnel or set up a public key infrastructure (PKI) or on-site printers.

Nexus GO PKI Cards overview



Nexus GO PKI Cards

Use cases
Order PKI cards

Manage temporary PKI cards

Manage PKI card lifecycle


The Nexus GO PKI Card service is hosted as a private cloud solution, that is configured by Nexus and includes the following functionality:

Card production and distribution

Visual identification, RFID technology, and PKI chip

Card ordering tool

HSM-based and customer-named CA for issuing certificates

OCSP responder

Starter kit free of charge

Access to Nexus GO webshop and Nexus Support portal

Delivered software

The following additional software is included in the service, and must be installed by the customer:

Nexus Card SDK fto be installed on card service desk computers for assigning temporary cards.

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