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Sign documents digitally

Manual document signing is both time-consuming and insecure, for example when signers are on different locations and paper documents are sent by mail. And when the document is signed, there is no way to verify the signature or ensure that the document content has not been manipulated.

Digital signatures shorten the lead times for a mobile way of working. Customers, citizens or employees can sign a document by authenticating with existing trusted identities, such as BankID or employee identities. The signatures can be validated at any time and the document content cannot be manipulated without being detected. Document signing functions can be built into various applications by using an API.

Use existing identities

To use existing identities, you need to connect the service to an identity provider, such as Smart ID Digital Access component.

Simply sign up for a subscription, and your users can start making digital signatures straight away. 

Build in signing processes in your applications

With the Nexus PDF signing API, you can build in PDF signing functions into your own application. Read more here PDF Signing API.

Order the service and get started today

Get yourself and your users started with signing PDF documents right away, with minimum learning and without integration.

See Get started with Nexus GO Signing.

Take advantage of the ready-to-use portal

The ready-to-use portal of the Nexus GO Signing service is a way to quickly implement automated and secure signature processes, without the need to implement or integrate any other systems. The service manages signatures centrally, in a trusted cloud service. The user can access the service at any time via secure authentication from any type of device, such as personal computer, mobile phone, or tablet. Several authentication methods can be used, for example,Smart ID Mobile App, a national Bank ID, or an ID badge with an existing electronic identity from your Active Directory. The signing portal helps you let several persons sign a document in the order you decide, using email notifications and automatic reminders.

Nexus GO Signing workflow


The administrator

An administrator logs in with Smart ID Mobile App to the Nexus GO Signing portal, uploads a pdf document, invites signers and selects the required signing method for each signer. An email is then sent to each signer. 


The signers

Each signer follows the link in the email to the Nexus GO Signing portal, and signs the document with the required method. 


The PDF document is now securely signed and cannot be modified without detection.

The signed PDF document can be verified for example in Adobe Acrobat Reader. For more information, see Validate signed documents from Nexus GO Signing.

Read more about the workflow here: How does Nexus GO Signing work.


  • Advanced electronic PDF signatures according to the ETSI PAdES standard
  • Compliant with EU directive on advanced electronic signatures (eIDAS)
  • Remote signing in a central trusted service, ready to use
  • Online validation in any Adobe Reader
  • Support for authentication via Smart ID Mobile App, National Bank ID and external identity providers, for example Smart ID Digital Access
  • Possible to integrate to existing identities such as ID badges, for example via your Active Directory

For more information, see Nexus GO Signing.