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Nexus PRIME is a product used for centralized identity and credential management. PRIME enables a consistent credential management process to ensure transparency and traceability in enabling identities for employees, student, and systems.

PRIME offers business process capabilities for identity issuance to increase the level of assurance. PRIME consists of administration tools, self-service, and delegated approval routines and is powered by entitlement into the IT and physical access environment.

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Nexus is proud to announce the availability of Nexus PRIME 3.10.

Main new features in this release:

  • New encoding architecture for smart cards
    A new encoding architecture for smart cards has been introduced. The (client side) Java Webstart-based "JPKIEncoder" is deprecated and replaced by a solution based on Personal Desktop App and Personal Messaging. The new PRIME Self-Service allows smart card encoding based on the new technology.

  • The new PRIME Self-Service is complete with new user interface
    The new PRIME Self-Service is now completed and the old PRIME USSP (User Self-Service Portal) is deprecated.

  • New processes for Virtual Smart Cards (VSC)
    A standard process for certificate renewal on VSCs has been added. This process is used to detect all certificates of virtual smart cards that will expire within the coming period. Also added is a standard process for VSC replacing. This can be used when a laptop is broken, stolen or replaced, and the same VSC as on the previous device, shall be used again.

    By adding these two process, PRIME now includes all functionalities to do the full lifecycle management for VSC with the standard package.

For more information, see the Release note Nexus PRIME 3.10.

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