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Nexus Personal Desktop App can provision and manage virtual smart cards, which can be used for Windows-related use cases, such as authentication to external resources, protection of data by secure encryption, and integrity through reliable signing.

Personal Desktop App is based on Microsoft Virtual Smart Card (VSC) and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) technology and uses the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip, which is available in many computers, rather than requiring a separate physical smart card and reader. The solution uses native Microsoft mini-driver for communication with the VSC.

Personal Desktop App is integrated to Hermod for message distribution between Personal Desktop App and remote provisioning / verification entities such as Nexus PRIME and Nexus Hybrid Access Gateway



Personal Desktop App

Use the virtual smart card for securing the day-to-day business.

For examples of common use cases, see Using virtual smart cards on Windows.

Modern user interface which allows the user to:

  • View profile and certificate details
  • Delete profiles
  • Change PIN
  • Import certificate from file
  • Read logs and manage log levels
  • Change colour theme
  • Automatically use the language according to Windows setting, for supported languages

For more information on language support etc, see Personal Desktop App requirements and interoperability.

Integrated into the overall Nexus Smart ID architecture for:

For more information on use cases, see Virtual smart card management in Smart ID.

Fulfils the same level of security as a physical smart card:

  • Keys used for authentication are created and stored in cryptographically secured hardware (TPM)
  • Non-exportability, isolated cryptography and anti-hammering by using the TPM

PKSC#11 interface for integration of PKCS#11 clients towards the VSC, for example Firefox:

Use cases

For common virtual smart card use cases that are covered by the Nexus Smart ID solution, see Virtual smart card management


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Nexus is proud to announce the availability of Nexus Personal Desktop App 1.2. For more information, see the release note.

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