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Nexus Personal Mobile is a mobile app that makes two-factor authentication (2FA) easier and more cost efficient. It is used together with the Nexus Personal Service that is consumed by, for example, Nexus Hybrid Access Gateway, which provides user authentication and access to applications, information and cloud services.

For videos on how to download, activate, and log in with Personal Mobile, see here.

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Nexus is proud to announce the availability of Nexus Personal Mobile 3.12.

For more information, see the release note.

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Personal Mobile FAQ

 What is Nexus Personal Mobile?

Nexus Personal Mobile is a mobile app for online, out-of-band authentication. Personal Mobile makes two-factor authentication (2FA) easier, more cost-effective, and more usable, without the need for hardware tokens, cards, or readers.

Personal Mobile is used together with the Nexus Hybrid Access Gateway software, which provides user access to applications, information, and cloud services.

 What makes Personal Mobile so convenient?

For the end user, Personal Mobile is convenient because most people always have their mobile phones with them. Push notifications provide quick access. Fingerprint or face recognition can be used as an alternative to a pin code.

 How is Personal Mobile used to authenticate?

Authentication with Personal Mobile is done either by a pin code or fingerprint for a secure and seamless experience. On iPhone X, face recognition is also supported.

 How does the user register to use Personal Mobile?

The user registers to use Personal Mobile by following these simple steps:

1)     The Personal Mobile app is downloaded from App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android.

2)     An invitation sms or email is sent with an active link or a QR code.

3)     Personal Mobile is activated by clicking the link, or opening the app and scanning the QR code.

4)     The registration is finished!

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How to download and activate Nexus Personal Mobile: 

To watch the video in full screen, click the Youtube icon. 

How to log in with Nexus Personal Mobile: 

To watch the video in full screen, click the Youtube icon. 

How to use Nexus Personal Mobile to log in with face recognition via Face ID on iPhone X: 

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In the videos, Nexus GO is used as an example. Activation and login to any other service is done in a similar way.