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Signers in the PDF Signing portal can sign documents, view all requests and download signed documents.

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Available tasks

 Log in to PDF Signing portal

To create signing requests or sign documents with Nexus GO Signing, the user must first log in to the PDF Signing portal.

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The PDF Signing service must be ordered from Nexus GO. For more information, see Get started with Nexus GO PDF Signing

You must have an account in Nexus Personal Mobile, either you are the person who set up the PDF Signing service, or you have been invited as a user in the PDF Signing portal. 

Log in to the PDF Signing portal

  1. In a browser, go to the Nexus GO PDF Signing portal at

  2. Enter your registered email address. 
  3. Log in with your Nexus Personal Mobile account.

 Sign document

This article describes how to sign a document in the PDF Signing portal

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Sign document in the PDF Signing portal

When someone requests you to sign a document, you will get an email with Signature request in the subject.

To sign the document:

  1. Open the email and click on the link Sign request
    The Nexus GO signing portal opens.
  2. Enter your personal identifier, for example your Email address, and click Authenticate.
  3. Authenticate yourself with the required method. 
    When you are logged in, the document is shown.
  4. Click Sign or Reject
    1. If you Sign, then sign with the required method.
    2. If you Reject, enter a comment. The administrator will be notified with the comment. It is still possible to sign the document after rejection. 

 View signing requests

This article describes how to view your available signing requests the PDF Signing portal.

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View signing requests in the PDF Signing portal

To view all your available requests:

  1. Go to My requests.
    Requests to sign or Previous requests are displayed.
  2. To see older requests, click Show all previous requests.

 Download signed document

This article describes how to download a signed document from the PDF Signing portal.

Signed documents can be downloaded within 30 days of the signing. A reminder is sent to the administrator after 27 days, if the document has not been downloaded. 

If an iPhone or iPad is used with iOS version prior to 11, a third party PDF reader is needed to view the visual signatures in a downloaded document.

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Download signed document from the PDF Signing portal

To download a signed PDF document:

  1. Browse to the current or previous request containing the document.
  2. Open the document view:
    1. For Requests to sign, click on the document image.
    2. For Previous requests, click on the link under Downloadable.
  3. If there are multiple documents, navigate between them using the arrow buttons. Click Download PDF.
    The downloaded signed document can now be distributed.

If a signed PDF is opened in the Firefox browser, the signatures might not be shown on the signature page. This is due to that the rendering plugin does not fully support the PDF format. Open the document in Adobe Acrobat Reader, or in a browser that supports PDF format, for example Chrome or EDGE, to show the visual signatures on the signature page.

Validate signed document

For more information on how to validate a signed document, see here: