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This article gives an overview of all the available tasks in the PKI Card Management service in Nexus GO PKI Cards

To see the available tasks by role, see Roles for Nexus GO PKI Cards

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Manage users

Users must be registered before they can be given cards or roles. 

The following tasks are available: 

Order PKI cards

Cards can be ordered one at a time or multiple cards in a batch. A card that is produced and sent to the customer must be activated before it can be used. 

The following tasks are available: 

Manage card lifecycle

Temporary cards can be used for when someone forgot their card at home or similar. If someone forgot their PIN or entered the wrong PIN, it can be reset. 

The following tasks are available: 

Lock card

When a card has been lost, stolen or broken, it can be locked from usage. A locked card can not be activated again. 

The following tasks are available: