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With PRIME Self-Service in Nexus PRIME, identity and credential management tasks (requesting, approval, download, PIN reset etc.) can be made directly by the credential owner or the respective task owner. PRIME Self-Service uses HTML5 technology and can be used with all common browser types and on all common mobile devices.

Different objects, tasks and processes are visible to the users. This is controlled via roles (see Standard roles and bootstrap users in PRIME). PRIME Self-Service can appear in a customer-branded graphical style and with custom-designed logos and icons, see Customize PRIME Self-Service for more information. Any user tasks in the workflows and any web forms designed with PRIME Designer can be used in a similar way in the PRIME Explorer client and in PRIME Self-Service.

  • On the Dashboard, you click on one of the "What do you want to do?"- buttons and the respective BPMN workflow starts on the PRIME Explorer backend.
  • In the Open Tasks list you find the tasks to perform as part of a workflow.
  • On the menu items CardsRequests, Identities and so on you find list of objects assigned to you, which are a result of a Search configuration in PRIME Designer. The menu items are configurable, this is just an example of how the menu items in PRIME Self-Service can look like. Only the Dashboard menu item is mandatory. Read more about how to customize PRIME Self-Service here: Customize PRIME Self-Service.