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Here are the main steps for a Nexus PRIME installation and initial configuration:

  1. Install PRIME
    For more information, see PRIME requirements and interoperability and Default ports in PRIME
  2. Configure secure connection for PRIME
  3. Do Initial configuration of PRIME.
  4. If a high availability setup is needed, follow this instruction: 
    Set up high availability configuration for PRIME
  5. To set up connections to related systems, see PRIME integrations.

Upgrade PRIME

Follow this instruction to upgrade PRIME:

  1. Upgrade PRIME
  2. Follow the instructions for upgrade between specific versions of PRIME. See the Related Information on this page: Upgrade PRIME.

Upgrade PRIME configuration after Java upgrade

If the Java version has been upgraded, follow this instruction to upgrade the PRIME configuration:

  1. Upgrade configuration after Java upgrade

Migrate data to PRIME

Follow this instruction to migrate data from SmartAct to PRIME: 

  1. Migrate from SmartACT to PRIME