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Nexus PRIME is a solution for centralized management of identities and credentials for physical and digital access. 

With PRIME you can manage multi-functional ID cards and tokens that can be used for both physical access to buildings and authentication to computers and server applications. PRIME integrates with various data sources, for example Active Directory, and physical access control systems (PACS). To help manage identities and credentials throughout the lifecycle, PRIME includes best-practice processes and workflows for production and lifecycle management. The identity and card history facilitates audits and can be used to generate reports and statistics.

PRIME overview

Key features

  • You can manage various identities and credential types, for both physical and digital access.
  • There is a strong built-in BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) workflow engine to reflect complex business processes.
  • There are standard modules for common use cases and lifecycle management.
  • You can run separate virtual systems on the same software platform through multi-tenancy1
  • There are separate user interfaces for system administrators, card managers, and end users.
  • There is support for different authentication methods.
  • All configuration data are stored in an SQL database, and many SQL database systems are supported.
For each tenant, a license for Nexus PRIME Designer is required.